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Portable air conditioner is the best choice for you when you need to cool your house or an office. This is because it does not require to be installed permanently. You only need to fix for yourself and you enjoy the coolness it brings to your premises.

Energy saver

Many people have started using portable air conditioners because of how they are cost effective. You will enjoy how it saves energy more than other types of air conditioners. It has a high energy efficiency rate, making it to incur low operation costs.


Even when you need to relocate from one room to another, you will do it very comfortable; you won’t need any assistance from technicians who always demand to be paid for the service. This is because, Portable air conditioner is extremely lightweight and you will carry it very easy. You won’t need any help from anyone. It will save your time when you use portable air conditioner.

It’s cheaper to buy portable air conditioner

The price for portable air conditioner is very friendly. It is more affordable than any other type of air conditioner. You will not incur any cost of installation. You will have to use your user manual and do it for yourself.

Time saver

Using portable air conditioner, you will save a lot of time. You won’t have to install it. You won’t have to start looking for professional contractor to come and negotiate on how much he or she will charge you for installation. You only need to find the exit for your exhaust hose and everything will work out very well.

It comes with unique features

The uniqueness of portable air conditioner has made it gain a great advantage over the other types of air conditioners. It comes with several extra features such as a window kit, remote control which lets you control it at the comfort of your bed. You may also use it to program when you want it to function and when you want it to stop.

It has a dehumidifier feature that lets you take excess moisture from the room. It is very excellent in dehumidifying your room. This lets you feel a lot cooler and very comfortable.

Air purifier feature helps on purifying the air around you. A fan speed is another unique feature. Others are timer and drip tray.

You need to take care when shopping for a portable air conditioner. This is because, not all portable units are the same. You need to check EER of a portable air conditioner before you buy. The set-up of it also needs to be checked. You may get one with one or two hose and the price may differ.