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You need to know a few things before you make your decision of buying a portable air conditioner. You will have to make some considerations for you to be able to get one that fits you. To get the right one, you need to look at this important features that you need to make sure you are satisfied with.

Capability of the air conditioner
The power of the air conditioner will help you make your decision. You may in need of a small air conditioner that only can be used in one room. This will make you buy an air conditioner that is only applicable for one room. British Thermal Units (BTU) will guide you towards making this decision. For 150 square feet you will need 7,500 BTU, 250 square feet, you need 9000 BTU, 400 sq. ft,1200 BTU, 450 square feet, 13000 BTU, 500 square feet, you will have to buy a 14,000 BTU.

Don’t evade this policy. When you make a mistake of buying portable Aircon which is larger or smaller than what you require, you will regret it as it won’t satisfy you.

Energy efficiency of the air conditioner

You need to make sure you take a good look of how the AC is efficient in using energy. You might get one that is too costly for you. There are energy saver air conditioners that are able to save you over 30 percent less energy cost. Make considerations on EER rating if your air conditioner .This is because, the higher the EER, the less in operating cost. Getting an air conditioner with higher EER will mean that you will spend less in energy.

Number of times you will have to empty your AC

There is a new technology of air conditioners which will be of great help to you. Auto evaporative technology which reuses the water which is pulled from air during cooling process to cool the compressor coils. This takes care of the water which should be taken out. You will not have to drain it as it is being reused.

For the self-evaporative AC, you need to consider the water tank size. This will depend on how easy it will be to empty it.

Maintainability and function ability

You will have to consider if the air conditioner is costly or cheap in maintaining it. You need to know if you can do it for yourself and how often you need specialist to maintain it. The functions of every part of it, you should know so that you are conversant with it. You need to know how to program timers for an automatic operation, if it is remote controlled, how it functions. Energy saver mode will help you to save energy. Every function of air conditioner is important for you to know.