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In order to understand the mechanism of sinusitis, we need to understand that all of us have four paired spaces filled with air, positioned within the bones of the skull and face; these are referred to as paranasal sinuses:

*  Those that surround the nasal cavity are known as Maxillary sinuses
*  Those above the eyes are known as Frontal sinuses
*  Those between the eyes are known as Ethmoid sinuses
*  Those behind the ethmoids are known as Sphenoid sinuses

The sinuses are named according to the facial bones in which they are situated. Generally the sinuses are filled with air, but when they become occluded and are filled with fluid, the germs raid that fluid and cause infection.

Function of the paranasal sinuses:
–  On account of being filled with air, they act as a sort of resounding compartments, giving reinforcement to our voice
–  Minimize the weight of our skulls
–  Act as shock absorbers
–  Help us maintain our body’s balance

The following conditions could cause sinus occlusion:
–  Common cold
–  Allergic rhinitis
–  Nasal polyps
–  Deviated nasal septum

Sinusitis could be:
–  Acute: A sudden onset of stuffy or runny nose, headache, facial pain. It may persist for a period of seven to ten days.
–  Chronic: When the symptoms last two months or more. The symptoms could be anything from chronic cough, recurrent ear infections, an unpleasant nasal discharge, post nasal drip

Causes of sinusitis in kids:
–  Allergies
–  Smoke
–  Bottle drinking while lying on one’s back

Causes of sinusitis in adults:
–  Infection
–  Smoking

How is sinusitis diagnosed?
Your Doctor can diagnose it by taking your history and by examining your nose and face. He or she may order a radiograph of the paranasal sinuses, a CT scan, some blood tests to rule out certain diseases.

Home remedies for sinusitis:
a)  Incorporate onion and garlic in your daily diet. Garlic has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, hence is helpful in treatment of sinusitis
b)  Drink plenty of fluids, so that the mucus is thinned out; however avoid alcohol beverages, because they may worsen the infection
c)  Dilute some drops of eucalyptus oil in warm water and apply it on your cheek bones
d)  Boil some lemon balm leaves for around ten minutes, filter the mixture and gargle with it. It is effective in fighting against bacteria and fungi
e)  Boil some water in a kettle till it steams, pour it into a bowl, cover your face and head with a towel and inhale and the steam thru the nose.
f)  Consume a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle to keep your immune system strong  to avoid sinusitis
g)  Shun dust, pollen, cold foods etc
h)  Keep away from those afflicted with cold, cough or flu
i)  Wash your hands frequently
j)  Do not share your utensils with others
k)  Keep yourself well-hydrated by drinking around eight glasses of water per day
l)  Avoid pollutants in the air ,know the activators of your allergy and avoid them
m)  Abstain from cigarette smoking and keep away from smokers
n)  Always seek your Doctor’s advice and act accordingly


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