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You need not to make these common mistakes that many do when buying air conditioners for in their homes. You will not only be wasting your hard earned money, but you will come to understand that your air conditioner is not giving you services that you wanted.

Buying an improperly big sized air conditioner

Every environment demands different type of cooler. There is need to know which environment you are in so that you may not buy a wrong air conditioner. This mistake is often done by many who just jump into a shop and get any air conditioner, not knowing that it does not fit their environment. You will end up getting embarrassed by inconsistent room temperatures and high cost of electricity bill.

For example, there is portable air conditioner and swamp cooler.  They may be accomplishing the same task, but they work at two different environs. There cooling methods are completely different. This is because, for portable air conditioners, its does work by drawing air over cold thus lowering the air temperature. The heat from the air is expelled out through an exhaust hose. The water that has condensed is then collected in an internal drain bucket. That is why the portable air conditioners are best suited moderate humidity areas.

This system is totally different from how swap cooler functions. Its large fan is surrounded by pads that are soaked in water. As the fans blows hot air through this pads the water evaporates thus cooling it. The cooled air is then blown by fans to the room. This system is good in dry climate areas as they add a lot of moisture to the air.

Poor unit placement

It matters a lot where your air conditioning unit is placed. In a sunny sections of the room, you will make your make your air conditioner have a hard time in cooling your room. It will even increase the cost of doing its work. You need to put it in a good place.

Mis-Estimating of BTU ratio to room size

In matters concerning air conditioners, the issue of size does not really affect the output. You don’t need to emphasize more on the size. You may be embarrassed when you come to know that you are not getting satisfaction you thought you would have, this is because you matched wrongly the BTU ratings to the size of your house. You need to know that, having BTU RATING WHICH Is too high for your house, will not give you right satisfaction.

Wrong way of venting

Venting is very important when you are thinking of air conditioning your house, room or an office. This is where the hot air and moisture escapes from your house, so that to let the cool one in. This cannot happen when you don’t have right ventilation. You will not be satisfied if you have not done right venting.

You need to install vent in your window, you can also exhaust air through venting kits that comes with most portable ACs, which are fitted into windows.

You may break a fuse of Air conditioner when there is no sufficient electrical power available. You need to make sure that there is enough power for your air conditioner to operate with any problem. Some need dedicated circuits and voltage of 220-240 volt outlet. Make sure you consider all electrical power needs before you buy air conditioner.